Tuesday, October 9, 2012

School Facilities Determines Students Academic Performance

The development of any society is dependent on the general level of education attained by its population most especially the youths. It therefore means that the educational system must be flexible, functional and optional enough to have something to offer to all members of the society including the youths, adults, privileged and the less privileged. The desire to meet the educational needs in particular those members of the under privileged is now a major challenge to the educators over the past years.

Education brings about a change in the manner of conduct of an individual which makes him to present himself as a responsible, sagacious and dependable member of his society. Education is regarded as an activity which gees on in the society with its aims depending on the nature of the society in which it takes place. It is a process through which an individual is trained to become useful to himself and the society at large with the acquisition of the cultural values and norms of the society. It occurs at all stages of life and can occur anywhere, but for the purpose of this study, the focus shall be on the type of education acquired in the school academic environment otherwise known as formal education. A school is a place like home where learning activities takes place and it comprises of individual from different cultural background which live and interact together as a cohesive community with a major common objectives and purpose for learning. It is a place where a learner acquires specialized knowledge and skills needed for their survival and to promote their innate capabilities for learning.

The school prepares an individual for future adult roles, the purpose of the school is mainly to serve as a channel for acquiring knowledge and skills and to enhance the full all round development of an individual. It is therefore necessary for instructors and school administrators to ensure that the school academic environment does not deviate from its main purpose in the sense that instructors control and maintain the type of activities that occur in the school environment in terms of extracurricular activities.

The schools exist because of the students. The quality of the student's performance depends on the quality of the school in terms of availability of required and adequate infrastructural facilities in such a school. Schools with well equipped facilities and well experienced personnel tend to produce brilliant students who show the ways for others students and lead them in various stages in Life. It could therefore be said that the performance of the students depends on the school facilities, which in returns determine their future lives. Parents and guardians should be encouraged to send their wards to schools with well-equipped facilities because it will result in better future for their children.

This fact has been proven to be true as the performance of some students from well equipped facilities schools differs from other students who are in school with less equipped facilities. Availability of required learning facilities in schools enhances student's academic performance. When learning materials are provided, learning activities proceed at a very fast speed. In a situation where the learning environment is not conducive, academic activities proceed at a low rate which then result in poor academic performance of students in promotional and certificate examine. And such is the case of four students of Ifako International School, Ifako, Ifako-Ijaye, Lagos State Nigeria.

Two of the students performed excellently in the competition as Olatide Wright and Torsho Dennis of the senor secondary school came second and fifth respectively in the Gessomate art competition. Adefoluso Orimalade and Soremekun Ibrahim of the junior secondary school came third and forth respectively. This level of performance does revealed the states of Ifako international school as a school with well experienced teachers and adequate faculties suitable for teaching and learning purposes and ideal school for parents who wants the best education for their children. The students are the image of the school and the school cannot exist without the students, the students produced by each school give or show the real image of the school in the society. The school should help provide the required materials and regulates the activities of all extracurricular activities within the school environment so that effective learning activities can occur.

Academic excellence is the desired of every school owner. The quality of teaching and learning that takes place in any educational establishment determines the level of academic excellence. In other for effective teaching and learning process to occur within the school academic environment. There must be provision of required learning aids such as conducive school physical environment, well painted classroom, adequate chairs, moderate distance from an industrial area to prevent unwanted noise and well experienced teachers. Things don't just happen; they are made to happen. All concerned bodies of education should ensure that all the aforementioned criteria are seriously considered so that the desired educational goals and objectives can be achieved and thus ensuring better future for our children.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ocean - The Body of Water That Makes Land Inhabitable

Ocean is the body of saline water that occupies the large majority of earth's hydrosphere. It is divided in to five areas, namely Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic. The word sea is also used in place of ocean but predominantly, the seas are inland saline bodies of water. 71% of the earth is covered with this vast body of saline water.

The average depth of this massive body of water is 12430 ft and the volume of water you find there is 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. There are 230,000 species of marine life living in the ocean. Since some of the deepest areas of the ocean are not completely explored, the number of species could go up to two million in case these areas also explored properly.

The total mass of water on earth is 1.4X10²¹Kg. This is only 0.023% of the total mass of earth. Out of all the water present on earth, only 3% is fresh water. The rest is ocean. The bluish color of sea water is due to several contributory factors but the presence of dissolved organic matter and chlorophyll are the main contributors.

Travelling on the surface of oceans dates back to prehistoric times but travel under sea was only possible after the development of modern technology. The deepest spot of the ocean is found close to Marina Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is estimated to be 10,971 meters deep.

Ocean currents are responsible for climate changes on earth. It also regulates the carbon dioxide content in the atmospheric air. Heat from the tropics to the Polar Regions is transferred through the ocean. While the cold and warm air is transferred to coastal areas from the ocean even the precipitation is brought to coastal areas from the sea.

It is believed that life in this vast body of water started 3 billion years prior to the start of life on land. Fresh water needed for this inland life is supplied through evaporation of water from the sea. The cycle continues in order to sustain life on land.

Ocean is even important for economy. Most of the transportation of goods is done by ships with the use of sea routes. There are ports all over the world to facilitate this process. Even food is supplied by sea by way of fish, crabs, shrimps and lobsters. Catching them and processing has become an important industry for some countries in the world.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Education

Getting an education is not for everyone, but has proved to be a great option for thousands of people. Some people enjoy being on campus, in a classroom and having direct connection with an instructor. For them, a formal education is best and that works for them. Others would rather fit an education around their convenience and take education at their pace. What's great is that both are available and both are continuing to grow in size and funding, so there are plenty of options.

If you are deciding to go the online route then you probably want to know more of the benefits. There are several benefits, many that will spark your interest and encourage you to pursue an online education further. So, what are they? Find a pace that favors you and stick to it. Most formal education is structured with one pace and everyone must follow. However, this does not work for most people. To be able to structure your own pace is one of the greatest perks of being educated online. It helps students grasp material easier and helps students obtain better results. So, if you would like to select your own pace, then select online education. How much money would you like to save? Most online programs are much cheaper than tradition education on a university campus because they don't demand the fees that tradition education does.

Also, you don't have to go anywhere and spend money on transportation. Sit down at home with your computer and save money because you didn't have to travel. What type of schedule do you have? Some people are required to work strange hours for work and they can't make it to classes. With an online education, you can complete the course work when you have time. So, whenever you finish working and are settled in at home, get started with your course work. It's easy to fit education around other things in your life. Scheduling is not an issue. If you have a family, don't miss a single second with your kids and spouse. Complete course work after you put the kids to bed or after a date with your spouse. It's easy to have a family and be educated at the same time.

So, how does it sound to you? Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Online education is one of the fasting growing ways to get educated and it's improving life across the globe. Start looking for online programs today.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How Hard Is It to Achieve the NEBOSH Diploma Qualification?

It is fair to say that the NEBOSH Diploma is one of the most prestigious qualifications for a health and safety practitioner to hold. It has long been established as an internationally recognised standard of knowledge and expertise, with more than 10,000 students now having achieved the qualification since its inception in 1988. Often it is considered a very hard health and safety qualification to achieve, but is that an accurate assessment?

The current NEBOSH Diploma syllabus broadly equates to a Bachelors Degree. The health and safety awarding body IOSH recognise this qualification as meeting the requirements for Graduate Membership, whilst IIRSM recognise it as meeting the requirements for full membership. Any qualification at this level is inevitably going to be hard to achieve, so supposedly the answer to the question is: yes. But is that the end of the story?

For a qualification to really mean something it has to be hard to achieve, whether it's in health and safety or any other industry for that matter. This shows that those who hold the qualification have really achieved something. Every person who has achieved the NEBOSH Diploma can certainly stand proud and say they have achieved a high standard of knowledge and expertise in health and safety.

So we have said the qualification is hard to achieve, but is it too hard to achieve? The answer to that question is very much down to each individual student who takes the qualification. There is no clear answer to this, as it is firmly a case of you getting out what you put in. Achieving the NEBOSH Diploma does require active involvement in the course, a significant degree of self studying, and good exam preparation. It is a different type of qualification entirely to a health and safety NVQ for instance, which involves evidence-gathering from those already in a health and safety role.

Any good health and safety training centre will also provide ongoing help and support throughout the study period to support your learning. This is a key question to ask of any potential provider you look at, as it is a crucial component in the achievement (or not) of the qualification.

So anyone considering going in for the NEBOSH Diploma will need to do some research beforehand, and before parting with any money! Look at what is involved, the support from the provider, the benefits when you achieve it etc. If you can commit to the hard work needed then go for it. There is no doubt that when it pays off, and you pass the NEBOSH Diploma, you will have achieved something to be very proud of.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Get An Online MBA?

First, let's understand the reason why most people are pursuing an MBA. Many don't have any education in business, but are stepping into careers or being promoted to new positions where they need to know more about the business. So, these people are pursuing higher education to continue in their field or obtain a new position. However, many of these people are not interested in stopping work to go back to school. Many want to pursue an MBA while they continue work. This is where online MBA programs come in handy.

Online MBA programs allow professionals to continue in their field and not lose great work experience or salary. Also, they keep professionals from relocating, which becomes a great hassle and added expense. Why get up and leave something good when you can pursue an MBA from the comfort of your home? Well, you don't have to because many schools are starting online MBA programs and they fit any schedule.

How does it work with your schedule? Well, it does require more discipline on your part. To commit to coming home in the evening and do some extra work for your MBA. You can take the program at the speed you prefer, which is one of the greatest advantages, and allows you to be flexible. Some people have more demanding careers and cannot handle much education, but want to pursue an MBA, and they can. Scheduling is one of the greatest advantages of an online MBA program.

Stay where you are in your career and where you live and get your MBA at the same time. That's what online MBA programs do for you. They don't require you to step foot on a campus or spend any extended time away from your career or home. This is perfect because you are trying to work hard, improve in your career, and gain more education. You don't need to move away for another year or two for education, just to move back. Stay at home, grab your computer, and get your MBA.

Many professionals are reporting that this program is extremely helpful and is increasing their ability to perform at work. Not only will it provide quality education and insight, but it could provide a promotion and increase in salary, which is always a bonus.

Get started by searching for online MBA programs. You will be surprised by how many are available. All it takes is you inquiring and signing up. Soon you will have an MBA and be on your way to greater accomplishments in your profession.